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Set Up for Long Term Success

Having a continuity plan is critical to the ongoing success of all businesses and projects. My experiences center on coaching businesses, franchises, and real estate investing. As I begin to focus on the growth of my real estate transaction coaching business, I find myself reviewing the "simple" things regardless of how much success I have attained.

After reviewing some of my best successes and most brutal falls, I wanted to share a summary with you.

Whether you are a real estate investor, mompreneur, building your side hustle, or desire to reach the best version of yourself, being prepared is about far more than protecting individual clients, projects, or properties.

Outside of internet presence, the biggest threat is the interruption of income. The linked blog assists with reviewing the actual value of your online business.

Fortunately, you are reading this because you value real business education, growth strategy & planning. With that in mind and accessible technology, you can defend your income and wealth from virtually any disaster or drought.

Here are six tips for ensuring business continuity

  1. Diversify where you invest your time and resources, engage multiple markets products. (Each venture should be positioned as a revenue stream)

  2. Diversify who is on your team and where they best fit. (People are the essential part of any business)

  3. Have cash reserves. (And not all in the same vehicle)

  4. Utilize cloud storage for all files, leads lists, and other data. (Google Drive is AWESOME, but ensure you have hard backups)

  5. Use flexible phone systems. (Think Skype & Google Voice – **we used 8×8 until AT&T premier)

  6. Study Success. (Someone in your industry has accomplished the goal just set or has gotten close to it. Study them, learn from their journey)

In addition to this list, make sure you have phone numbers for attorneys, insurance companies, and other important contacts in your emergency kit.

What action can you take right now? Whether you just moved, just started, or want to ramp it up, you have to remind everyone you know that you are active in your industry and ready to serve at the highest level - whatever that looks like you for you.

"Hey, just so you know, I am still helping people with insurance, real estate, finances, writing, yoga, reading, fitness," whatever you do – tell someone. ASAP! Text, iMessage, SMS, phone, social media outlets, in the mail, and of course in your blog.

At this point, you aren't worried about competition, marketing, or social media strategy. You want to remind anyone and everyone that you provide your service, and you deliver it well - no more, no less. Take this action today - Tell three 1 new people and remind 2 associates - watch the confidence build.

Complete the reminders and work on these six tips; you will see your business scale and streamline in rhythm. Have a tested plan, stay prepared, and succeed no matter what is thrown at you!

Thanks for reading, and as always, let me know your thoughts on the topic or a topic you would like us to discuss. Have a great day!


My Inspirational Coach

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